Sat 7th June 2014 at 12.00 am - 12.00 am

A special evening to celebrate President Edward's Year.

President Edwards special evening went with a swing. The sun was shining through the windows the whole evening and having all started with champagne we went into the lovely dining room of the Beaulieu Hotel. The room was a picture with tables decorated with floral displays in Rotary colours, made by Bridget and June, all the ladies in their glamourous outfits and lots  of penguins.  We had a very convivial meal with excellent service from the hotel staff. (Nice change from queueing for our usual buffet). The table decorations were given as prizes via tickets pinned under the dining chairs.

A witty speech from Edward rounded  off the event; Judy repleid on behalf of the guests and thanked  Annette for all her hard work over the year, and presenting her with a beautiful bouquet. 

Well done Edward  for a successful year.

(Pictures by Edward, a guest of Edward's and a few by John R.)