2013 Programme Report to Club Assembly

Outline plans for Programme 2013/14

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Something to get ye oot i' the hoose

what, need a bit more than that? - oh, okay, how about....

Keen to promote the desire for less formal meetings and meet the remit to come up with something different every Tuesday no longer just a speaker, but a bit more fun & games, excitement - to promote a more ambitious, dynamic, and satisfied membership; more member inclusive and more involvement in our communities and we intend that these be part of our regular Tuesday meetings rather than additional events.

We want to try to make Rotary interesting, fun and inexpensive, and give a wide and varied programme of speakers and other stuff as yet undetermined; always aware that we have to keep any costs of any social and entertainment Tuesday fellowship events to a minimum.

The whole team will be involved in arranging speakers, (they'd better be!) doing their bit to plan fun and interesting evenings, keen to take on board the membership's views as to what they would like to do, and encourage greater participation with social and informal events which should be good for the fellowship in the club, and in the process hopefully even entice new members in.
....but don't quote me!

Hope that will suffice - are you climbing halfway to the stars with flowers in your hair, to mix my lyrics?


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