Vocational Service


Membership in Rotary is based on a members vocation, with each club striving to create a

microcosm of its community s business and professional world. This unique feature provides the

source of Rotarys historic commitment to vocational service, the second of Rotarys five Avenues

of Service.

Rotary has two key foundation stones - from the past and for the future - Fellowship and

Vocational Service. We will endeavour to develop these throughout the year and in conjunction

with the work of the other club committees.

Vocational Service in General

We will emphasise that - Vocational Service is the way Rotary fosters and supports the application

of the ideal of service in the pursuit of all vocations.

Through the programme we will remind Rotarians that inherent in the Vocational Service ideal


i  adherence to, and promotion of, the highest ethical standards in all occupations.

The importance of the Four-Way Test;

ii  recognition of the worthiness to society of all useful occupations;

iii  the contribution of ones own vocational skills to the problems and needs of the


Vocational Service at Work

The Service Committee will encourage fellow Rotarians:

i in the daily wearing of the Rotary Pin as an emblem of integrity. At each weekly meeting

the Sgt-at-Arms or deputy to apply his/her own test and relevant penalty for the benefit

of the Charity Box;

ii to display the Club Rotary sticker on car and business window;

iii to put each their personal skills at the resource of the Club;

iv have an appropriate member speak to the Club on Quality Assurance in the Work Place.

Vocational Awareness in the Club

i Invitation to the District Vocational Service Chair or their representative to visit and speak

to the Club members - perhaps during Vocational Service month (October);

ii Classification/My Job talks when and where appropriate;

iii Speaker from a local business to present at a Club meeting on a topical issue.

Vocation Service in Education

i It is proposed to continue the Exemplary Conduct & Unselfish Service Awards project

inviting local educational establishments to nominate a candidate to attend with a school

representative the Award Ceremony evening;

ii Working in association with Northern Regional College to present the Annual Bursary and

Plaque to the most outstanding student;

iii Provision of a Club bureau of vocational advisory services to careers departments in

schools - in particular to those schools participating in the Exemplary Conduct & Unselfish

Service project.

Other Matters

i Certificates and/or prizes awarded to those giving outstanding service to the community

through their occupations/volunteering.

ii Continue to strengthen the contacts with our local Probus Clubs. Presidents of each club

to be invited in turn to attend as a guest speaker;

iii To continue the practice of Probus Club Presidents granted Honorary Membership for

their term of office and each to be encouraged to attend club meetings/events as


iv To develop further the practical use of the Club Directory Card as a means of involving all

members in the weekly working of the Club;

v To ensure that the requirements of the Presidential Citation are foremost in the Clubs

activities and progress towards its achievement is regularly monitored.


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