4Heatons Voices Fashion Pageant

Fashion Pageant, held on July 11th. 2013. (Click the blue title for details)

Mary Pritchard from the Garrick Theatre, receives a cheque from President Bill.
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On Thursday 11th July the Rotary Club of Stockport Lamplighter staged a "History Through Fashion" evening to celebrate their "Those 20 Years" project, a look at local life in the 1920's and 30's. With the help of Heritage Lottery Fund and the Stockport Garrick Theatre, the club were able show all facets of life in the period through the costumes of the time. The Roaring Twenties with the Flappers, the world of leisure with Boaters, fur coats, dresses, nightwear and footballers. Workwear from the time of the Depression with city gents, mill girls, nurses, policemen and working men were paraded down the catwalk in authentic clothes loaned by the Manchester Museum of Costume, and people raiding their parents wardrobes. Mary Pritchard, of the Garrick Theatre, was presented with a cheque for