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Programme / Speaker/ Visit to Lairdside Maritime Simulator

Wed 31st July 2013 at 18.30 - 22.30

The Rotary Club of Southport Links visit Lairdside Maritime Simulator

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A select group of Rotarians had a superb experience visiting the Lairdside Maritime Simulator in Birkenhead this evening. In addition to be shown round this superb facilty, run by Liverpool's John Moore University, we were also let loose on the three simulators, taking a slow supply ship into one of the docks on the Mersey, then taking a faster frigate out of the dock and out into the Irish Sea - well that was the plan, but Burbo Bank stopped a couple of the ships. Finally, we raced 3 ships down the Bosphorus - with the addition of a few hazards including icebergs! An excellent night and our thanks to the centre for giving us this opportunity of seeing such a superb facility - the only 360 degree simulator in the UK. Our thanks to fellow Rotarian Peter Woods for organising such a superb evening.