Zumba in the Co-op

Sat 11th January 2014 at 12.00 am - 12.00 am

Exceeding expectations, President Lynn's challenge to 3 club members to Zumba in the Co-op Foodstore raised £700 for Swindon Young Carers.

She says:

"Following the first challenge to Club when I handed out a small amount of money & instructed those selected to return it with a profit in a months time - which they all achieved very successfully - I thought it was time that I gave Rotarians a slightly more physical challenge.

So, the latest challenge is issued to Rotarians Mike, Andrew & Phil, details as follows:

Zumba Classes are fitness-classes that fuse exercise, entertainment and culture, or so I am reliably informed.  Given that the nearest that these three get to culture is eating yoghurt, I have challenged them to join a Zumba Class:  There are certain conditions, as you might imagine, which are:
1. They must wear appropriate clothing
2. They must obtain sponsorship of at least £100.
3. They will not be charged for the class, but must accept that photographs WILL be taken.

Photographs & a full report will be issued after they have completed the challenge

I await my second challenge with a certain amount of trepidation."

Rotarians Mike, Andrew & Phil kept calm and Zumba danced in the Co-op Foodstore in Highworth on Saturday 11th January.

Performing 2 half-hour sessions it was quite a spectacle!

Thanks to sponsorship and donations from Co-op shoppers over £700 was raised for SWINDON YOUNG CARERS

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