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Having problems viewing this website in MS Windows?

This new template based website is, in my opinion, best viewed in Mozilla Firefox 24 to 25 or in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11.  Other browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Netscape and Safari also work well with this website: but as I choose not to use these browsers or any of the remaining 50-odd that are available I would rather not comment on their suitability or otherwise.  Internet Explorer and Firefox between them give me 100% access to my browsing needs.

Firefox 51 is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. Earlier versions of Windows including XP and Vista may not work well as these have not been supported by Microsoft for some time.

Internet Explorer 10 and 11 cannot be run on Windows XP or Windows Vista but both are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10.  It is not recommended you run Internet Explorer in any operating system as this latest version available (ver. 11) is now several years old and no longer supported.  Windows 10 offers MS Edge (the replacement fo Internet Explorer) and a legacy version of Internet Explorer 11 is available in Windows 10.

Internet Explorer 9 is the last (and latest) version that is compatible with Windows Vista. 

Internet Explorer 8 is the last (and latest) version that is compatible with Windows XP. 

All versions of Internet Explorer all have issues - not always properly displaying navigation menus, graphical images, Flash movies, and other elements and features used on this website. Internet Explorer 8 should be totally abandoned in favour of Firefox.

If you are still using Windows XP please note that on 8th April 2014, all Microsoft support ceased for the Windows XP operating system.  Use of Windows XP, for Internet browsing and email, since that date is not advised due to security issues.  Part of the support withdrawn by Microsoft will be to cease provision of downloadable security updates which protect the host PC from malicious software and hacking.  Your anti-virus software alone will not provide sufficient protection!

If you need any assistance in updating your PC or browser in which to view our site properly please contact 'Webmaster' using the Contact Us link.