Working locally in Filey

Our activities follow two areas: - Providing direct help and support in the community, - Fund raising and making donations to good causes.

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We aim to serve the community of Filey and District, of which our Club is an integral part, through a wide range of activities.   These may benefit the community as a whole, or sections of the community, or merely individuals, and such service may be given in the name of the Club as a whole or, by individuals in it.

In determining what projects to undertake, we consider the following:

What does our community need?

Can we provide it?

Can we help our community to provide it for themselves?

Can we help our community to build for the future?

Our priority is to provide practical hands on support within Filey and district.   However, there are occasions when this can only be effected with financial support, and each year the Club organises several fund raising events to meet such needs