More details on Kandy RC's Mission for Vision project

Details of Kandy Rotary Club's Mission for Vision p[roject

Mission For Vision

We are raising funds this year to enable Kandy Rotary Club to run eye camps in the hill country in Sri Lanka.  We have direct links with this club as John Angood was previously a member on the  tsunami committee.

Kandy Rotary  Club initially identifies a village  where   poor people do not have easy access to medical facilities and unable to afford paid medical attention.  These people will be screened for eye related problems and  provide spectacles for those in need. Cataract surgeries (if required) will be done free of charge at the Kandy General Hospital.   Wherever other complications are noted they will be referred for appropriate medical attention.  

The club then plans out the project, creates an awareness, liaises with the  optician concerned and conducts the eye clinic.  Usually 10 to 15 rotarians volunteer for these tasks.

Screening is carried out by the Doctors and the Technicians as arranged by Sharon Optical.   Eye operations are done free of charge at the Kandy General Hospital as arranged by Sharon Optical.   The eye specialists are unpaid volunteers.

How much money does an eye camp cost ?  We pay Rs.550/- for   spectacles and transport charges for the patients who were identified for cataract operations.  

How many people would be treated ?  350