President's Interview

An interview with President Stuart Bass

Stuart Bass

Spotlight on Member of the Rotary Club of Hart


Name: Stuart Bass


1. What was my first contact?

I was first approached to consider joining Rotary by a neighbour who invited me to visit one of our Thursday evening meetings as a guest having just moved into the area.

2. My first Impressions?

A great bunch of very active and lively people that wish to give something back to their community whilst enjoying the comradery atmosphere of the Club and who immediately made me feel very welcome.

3. What made me decide to join?

I quickly felt that I also would also like to contribute to my community and at the same time have fun and make many new firm friends, which my wife and I certainly have over the last three years. A decision I will never regret.

4. Were there any surprises?

Yes, there were many surprises, mostly good ones, but the main one was the change in my rather stilted and staid preconception of Rotary which was totally wrong certainly about The Rotary Club of Hart. I never thought I would look forward to enjoying the banter every Thursday as much as I do.

5. What was the biggest challenge?

Learning and remembering everyone’s names for the first few meetings !

Closely followed by those of member’s partners many of whom are in the Inner Wheel and regularly join us on partner evening events.

6. What do I get out of Rotary?

Having just been elected President for this Rotary year a very full and rewarding diary.

However, the most important and rather selfish benefit has been the wonderful new friendships I have made in the last three years which also fills my social diary.

7. What about friends and family?

Both friends and family appreciate the rewarding and enjoyable new aspect Rotary activities have given both myself and my wife. Even one of our close friends is now a regular stall holder at the Festival and maintains it is the best event he attends.

8. What would you say to someone thinking of joining Rotary?

Do not give a second thought if want to give something back to those less fortunate and at the same time make new friendships and have a lot of fun at the same time.

9. Sum up Rotary

A rewarding way to serve the community that gives you personally much more in return in terms of fellowship and plain good fun with people of a like mind. 

The Rotary Club of Hart

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