District Governor Elect, Rtn. Nick Corke, visited our Club

District Governor Elect, Rtn. Nick Corke visit

District Governor Elect, Rtn. Nick Corke,  visited our Club on Tuesday as part of his wish to visit all the Clubs in District 1080 before his installation as District Governor in July next year.  Nick stated he would like to get to know each club and to see what projects were being undertaken.   His philosophy was that if he introduced himself  in  this way, it would be beneficial in the long run as members would be able to put a face to his name when he became District Governor.   In his talk he touched upon membership, which he agrees is a difficult subject, and he hoped that we would be successful in our endeavors to increase our membership.   President John Newman thanked Rtn. Nick for his visit and on behalf of the Club wished him well in his year of office.   At our meeting next week our speaker will be Claude Scott and his subject