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Rotary in India's partnership with Fortis Hospitals to provide cardiac surgery for children.

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The Rotary Club of Chandigarh has pioneered a project in partnership with the Fortis Group of Hospitals in India that provides free open heart surgery to young people who would otherwise never be able to afford such treatment. Well over 1000 such operations have taken place to date. The cost has been funded by Rotary and our Club has made donations which have covered the cost of at least 50 of these. All the doctors give their time free of charge and the hospital merely recovers its overheads and no more.

The treatment was initially for Indian children but Chandigarh's proximity to Pakistan led to contacts with Rotary Clubs there and several young Pakistanis have also received treatment.  This has helped to ease the cross border tensions in the region.

Similarly connections to Iraq through a Chandigarh Rotarian have led to children from Iraq being treated as well.  In fact the whole project has gone so well that other Rotary clubs in India are now running similar schemes with their local Fortis Hospitals.

Their Facebook page is here.