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Mearns Pupils Trip to Ghana

Laurencekirk Rotary President Alf Lawrie welcomed Scott Hendry, Liam McPherson and Sean Elliot who were members of a thirteen strong Mearns Academy party who visited Ghana on a community project this year. The pupils rose their own funding and the trip was organised by Venture Force, a UK provider of such projects, and their leader was Niall Ritchie, a principal teacher at Banchory Academy.

The main aim of the trip was to help build a new home for orphans at Eugemot Orphanage which accommodated some eighty youngsters from 3years to 18 years in very cramped conditions.

The Mearns Group immersed themselves in a very different lifestyle, culture and language and regularly played lively games with the pupils. A set of football strips , gifted by Auchenblae School , were hugely  appreciated by the orphans  and, excited in  their new attire, trounced the visitors in their own version of the world cup.  When not making concrete blocks, the students had series of trips to places of local interest such as Monkey sanctuaries, an iconic waterfall and weaving villages. A visit to Ghana