Community Service

Each year Marlow Rotary organises various trips and outings for the old and young alike.

Boat trip for the 'Senior Citizens'

Thr Rotary Club of Marlow organises various community events throughout the year, these include a boat trip for about 150 of our senior citizens and boat trips for small groups of disabled adults and children.  These trips are as much for the carers as for the disabled themselves.  Often carers find themselves very isolated, and these trips give them the opportunity to share experiences with other like-minded people.  We organise a Fun Day for disabled children and their carers where the children can enjoy a day out without worrying about what others are saying, also a chance for parents with shared concerns to get together.  We organise tea parties for the senior citizens at the Marlow Town Regatta, and there are very few Rotarians who have not played the role of Santa Claus to both raise money and to entertain the children. 

The Community Service Committee tries to help and encourage the many organisations dedicated both to the young and the old, including Scouts, Sea Cadets, Air Cadets, Age Concern, Longridge, etc.