Art in the Art House

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Did you know that at the Art House Cafe in Melksham (run by the Rotary Club) you can see a new exhibition of work by local artists every month? Most of the work displayed is available to purchase, with a small percentage going to the Art House Cafe to help the Melksham community.

Future exhibitions Art for 

Feb 3 - Mar 3:   Lawrence Society

Mar 3 - Mar 31:  Alan and Sarah Padwick, John Hughes, Rosemary Knott

Mar 31 - Apr 28: Lacock Art Group

Apr 28 - June 2: Ann le Corre, Sue Barratt, Norma Braine, Pauline Peters

June 2 - June 30: Ruth Juneman, Shelley Ashkovski, Joy Williams, Jenny Cox

June 30 - July 28: Stephen Simpkins and friends

July 28 - Aug 25: Carol Hall, Jane Thomas

Aug 25 - Sept 29: Omniart Art Group

Sept 29 - Oct 27: Richard Bill, Christine and Gordon Coutts

Oct 27 -Nov 24: John Hughes, Daniel Dix, Pete Edwards

Nov 24 - Dec 22: St Mary’s Art Group