Reducing The Impact Of Disaster

Practical Action works around the world to reduce the impact of disaster by utilising simple technology and the efforts of local communities.

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Practical Action

It's all in the name!

By taking simple technology that can be implemented anywhere, and harnessing it to the energy and commitment of the communities to raise themselves from poverty, Practical Action helps reduce the damage wrought by disasters.

Rotarian Peter Turton has beed a long-time supporter of Practical Action. We have often supported projects of thier's, knowing that for very little money, whole communities will be helped to help themselves.

At the root of the success is simple technology that can be impletmented by local people with the skills and materials they have to hand. To help reduce the impact of disaster, Practical Action's Disaster Risk Reduction programme offers solutions:

  • Flood early warning
  • Flood-resistant housing
  • River erosion
  • Earthquake-resistant houses
  • Coping with drought
  • Surviving freak freezes



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Ref: 191 | Comment Date/Time: 2014-02-13 22:10:40 | By: John Carvosso | From: Devon

Comment: How very encouraging to see such simple things yet so practical.

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