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Thu 20th February 2014 at 12.00 am - 12.00 am

Talk on Animal Sanctuary

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The Laurencekirk Rotary Club was given a superb talk by local Holly Taylor on the wonderful work of the Mountains Animal Sanctuary at Milton of Ogil, Angus where some one hundred  horses, ponies and donkeys are cared for. In an age of greed and selfishness it was refreshing for members to to hear a story of dedication and compassion for our fourlegged friends .

They arrive at the Sanctuary  in  all shapes , sizes and ages and many in a poor state of health having outlived their usefullness, many  abandoned and most of them neglected. Some owners however through age or illness or other circumstances  have had reluctantly  to put them in for care. On arrival at Milton of Ogil  the animals are assessed  by the caring staff and veterinary advisors and  soon become individuals  again with a name and a character.                                                                                                              

However all this comes at a cost  and the Sanctuary  needs some

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