Gift Bursary Kayshani Gibbon time in Nicaragua

Tue 18th March 2014

Report from GIFT Bursary Kayshani Gibbon's account of her time in Nicaragua


Kayshani Gibbon 's account of her time in Nicaragua


Whilst in Nicaragua, I worked as part of a team of British and National volunteers, fourteen of us in total. In the mornings we worked as one large group. We worked to finish constructing and decorating a restaurant, designed to support local producers and artisans, whilst also creating jobs in the community. We also worked in two local school gardens to improve their yield and increase security measures. These gardens have an educational purpose, teaching the school children about food security, as well as supplementing their diet in the meals provided by the schools. In the afternoons we split off into smaller groups, some teaching English in the local school, some working in a