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  ROTARY is short for Rotary International, a world wide association of 29,000 clubs for professional and business people.

  There are more than 1.2 million members across the globe and they are pledged to:-

  • Serve the community locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Encourage high ethical standards.
  • Work for peace and goodwill.

  In the United Kingdom alone their are 59,000 members in 1,800 clubs, five of which are located in Oldham.

  We belive there are men and women who support the Ideals of Rotary, but who can not make a full time commitment to become a Rotarian.

  They oiften attend our fund-raising events and are generally willing to lend their support to serevice activities as  and when they can.

  It is thereforeproposed to allow these men and women to more closely associate themselved with the Club as "A Friend of Oldham Rotary".

  These Friends will be entitled to enjoy some of the privileges that full time membership offers.



  • As a Friend you will receive a invitation to a special Club meeting held on a particular week of each month. Attendance is not compulsory but they will be expected to phone apologies to the membership secretary if you can't attend.  Meal costs will be your responsibility,


  • You will receive  monthly club newsletter, this will let you know about what Oldham Rotary Club has been doing, what's about to happen and what's planned for your next special meeting.


  • Invitations will be given to join us at our social events, fellowship activities, with the opportunity to bring your own guests where this is appropriate.


  • You will also have eligibility to attend our Charter night and Ladies Evening and to invite your own guest(s) if you wish.


  • There will be invitations to join us on service projects, Christmas Collection, HeartStart, Fundraising events, Talking Newspaper production etc.


  • As a friend you will not be able to vote or participate in any activity concerning the running of the Club. You will not be able to attend Club AGM's, SGM's, Club business nights or Council meetings.

  • You may only attend ordinary club meetings by invitation - and have no right to attend.

  • You may not attend meetings other clubs as a visiting Rotarian, and, you will not be able to describe yourselves as Rotarians.


  • You may recommend others as Friends but will have no say in their acceptance or otherwise.


  • Membership as a Friend will be at the sole discretion of the Club Council.


  • Friends will not be entitled to wear a Rotary pin that may imply that they are full Rotarians.

        Interested? Then please use the contact facility on the home  page.  Thank You.




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