Thursday meeting/ First Nomad is a female

Doreen Hodgson is inducted into the Rotary Club of Aireborough by President Brian Whitham

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The Membership Committee started the Nomad Group to offer Rotary to people for whom Tuesday lunchtime was not their preferred option and that ground breaking move is already bringing results. Doreen Hodgson, an ex-Headteacher first came to the Club as a speaker. She spoke enthusiastically about the Chameleon charity she had established with her family bringing education at primary and nursery level to children in Kwa Zulu Natal. With her interest in Rotary aroused but unable to attend lunchtime meetings the Nomads presented an opportunity she has taken with both hands.A regular attender and contributor at Nomad meetings Doreen was inducted into the Aireborough Club by President Brian on Thursday 20 November, introduced fittingly by Philip Livesey, becoming the first female member in our 59 year history. Welcome Doreen!