Wensleydale Wander 2014 Report

This year's Wander was the coldest yet, which may explain why there were the largest number of non-starters!

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There was a record entry of 324 walkers but only 281 actually started. Coincidentally, this was exactly the same number as last year! However, all walkers and runners finished the course this year despite (or because of?) the cold, which was made worse by a strong wind from the West. All returned to Wensleydale School within the stipulated 8 hours, thereby pleasing both the sweepers and the kitchen volunteers waiting to feed them!

The halfway checkpoint at Rubbing Houses on Middleham High Moor was appreciated even more than usual, with the "real" sausages in buns as popular as ever and many more hot drinks in demand. The photos only show the quiet periods- when it was busy, providing food and drink was far more important than photography!

Andrew Fletcher, from Preston-under-Scar, was first home from the Short Route in 1hr 39min, Derek Parrington, from Northallerton, was first home from the Long Route in 2hr 57min, while Martin Randall from Darlington was second in 3hr 5min.

For those who would like to check on their own and friend's times, click on Full Results

FOUND on the walk- a right hand Trekmates glove in black; a pair of blue cotton gloves. If anyone recognises their lost items, please contact me through the website or email webmaster@wensleydale.rotary1040.org