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International Chairman reports on Sri Lankan eye camps

Kandy Eye Camp Project - The story so far

Update :-  Over two years we raised £8000 for the Sri lankan Eye camps helping many people in the process.  There is still more need for helping with eyesight in many poor areas of the country.

Kandy Rotary are now trying to raise money for a large camp to be held in Matara in the south. So far one club has offered to raise £500 for this very worthy cause and we are looking for more help.  Please contact me via the club if you are willing to give support.

In 2013 Pershore Rotary Club sent 4539 to their partner Kandy Rotary Club in Sri Lanka.

Kandy Rotarians used these funds to screen the eyesight of 1500 people at eye camps in three different locations. John Angood, chair of the Pershore International Committee and former member of Kandy Rotary says Amazing how each 3 donated has improved the sight of one person

John and his wife Anne decided to revisit Kandy at their own expense, join in the Kandy Rotary activities and monitor the progress of the camps.

See the photo album at Kandy Eye Camps

The first camp held in Mullaittivu screened 625 people - of whom 596 received prescription spectacles and 12 were given cataract operations. This is the location of the final battles of the war so we have given a lot of people a new start and hope for the future.

They also attended the next camp set up in a school at Tharanagollewa in a very remote area accessed by dirt roads. Sharon optical screened 542 people. Two weeks later they returned to this village to issue all the spectacles. In addition 43 people will be taken to a government hospital for free cataract operations.

This was a very humbling experience to see the joy on the faces of people with the hope of improved sight, John told us.

On the day of departure from Kandy they attended the third eye camp in Aruppola where 320 people were screened of whom approx 20 will have cataract operations.

Not a penny or rupee is wasted all labour is given voluntarily. The screening for prescription spectacles and for cataracts is done by volunteer professionals.

The impeccable organisation of each eye camp is carried out by Rotarians working with the local headman and teams of local volunteers.

However, there is still a desperate need for much more screening, and so inspired by the success of the project, Pershore Rotary have already started raising funds for eye camps in Sri Lanka for 2014 -15.

Will you help?

Every 3 raised gives sight back to someone in Sri Lanka. With Gift Aid each 10 given can help four people.

With Rotary's relationships and connections in Kandy, you can be sure that the donations will reach the Eye Camps and help those who need it.

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