District Assembly 2014


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Intro by Graham Holmes

Attended by President Elect Ewan Archibald and six of his team.

Purpose of the day was rotary education and inspiration. How to implement the programmes of Rotary.
Morning started with a plenary session. DG Jim Houston welcomed everyone and reported on the Rotary Young Chefs Final held at Broughty Ferry the previous day.
District 1010 won the Rotary GB&I trophy for best District magazine. 
Retired Accountant Keith Hopkins of Kirriemuir Club is the incoming District Governor. He introduced his team before addressing the assembly starting with the topic of change.

Rotary needs to change or at the least consider change. Operate, recruit, fund raise, challenge the way forward. Rotary is reducing in numbers but it is what we do that counts. It doesn't always have to be Rotarians who help. Seek people who have time to give something back to their community.

Incoming RI President Garry Huang's theme is "Light up Rotary". He claimed Confucius had the first rotary ideal - it is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness. Rotary way is the Confucius way, together we light up the world. That is what he wants Rotary to do. Garry comes from Taiwan.

The message that Keith sent out via Happy Clap technique was that Rotary had to be fun; happy to be there and enjoying being part of it.  Light up Rotary by sharing service, strengthening clubs, letting our light shine in our communities, it is what we do that is important not who we are. Keith challenged clubs to have more members who give on a regular basis via standing orders.

Challenge one new project and one new fund raising event - do something different. Doing the same thing just leads to declining numbers. Have a strong programme that involves 100% of the membership. 

Strengthen membership through recruitment, retention, succession, flexibility. Suggested Rotary going round peoples houses or meeting in the pub between 9:00 and 10:00.
Club Visioning works as a health check. Not there to tell you what to do, it helps you plan your club.

Engaging with business was always a goal. Rotary started around businesses. Corporates do like volunteering, vocational training, leadership, involvement in environment   - there is so much that matches with Rotary agenda. Businesses should be seen as potential sources of new members.

Helping Young Carers through a RYLA type course. We tend to send the best candidates but greater benefit might be delivered by targeting Young Carers. Engage with young people who left school at 16. Keith showed a list of famous leaders who do not have a degree including Alan Sugar.

Rotary Days. Plan, involve friends and family, get noticed, partner with other organisations and share the experience, use social media. There will be a District Prize that will be judged via 20 pictures maximum or 3 minute video.

Fun and Fellowship is important but enjoying Rotary has to be underlying priority.

Janet Lowe gave a presentation on Rotary Foundation. She ran through its mission. 
* Improving health
* Supporting education
* Alleviating poverty

Four goals include eradication of polio. In 1985 350,000 cases in 125 countries, now in 2013 just 403 cases worldwide. Three endemic countries still Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria. Outbreaks in Horn of Africa and Syria. Numbers slightly up from 2012.
Seven polio resource centres have been established in Pakistan. 
Rotary must not give up the fight, stalemate is unsustainable. The plan is to eradicate by 2018 but needs $1 billion per year. Gates Foundation will give $2 for every $1 raised. 

Second aim is to encourage Rotarians to give to their own giving to Foundation. Well respected 89% of expenditure is spent on programmes. A+ category from the American Institute of Philanthropy. District 1010 gave a new record

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