17th May 2014 - Visit to Central Station

A unique visit behind the scenes of Central Station

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A group of 17 Rotarians and friends gathered at Central Station in Glasgow on Saturday 17 May for a behind the scenes visit to the heights and depths (literally!) of Glasgow's Central Station.  The station was particularly busy as it was the day of the cup final and we had fun spotting the multitudes of colourful tangerine and blue clad fans making their way to Parkhead.

Those of us with a head for heights started the tour by donning hard hats and being led up several flights of iron stairs to the top of the dramatic glass roof which spans the station - reputed to be the largest glass roof in the world. Once outside a narrow maintenance walkway led across the glass to the stone 'Arc de Triumph' arch where we had some stunning views of both the mass of rails tracks below and out over the Clyde.  Another vertigo defying walk back and we were safely back down the stairs and on to firm ground again.

More stairs followed but this time taking down below the platforms to the huge warren of tunnels which run below the main station.  These are now used mainly for storage by the station's various retail outlets, but in the past they have seen many other uses - notably as a temporary mortuary for the bodies of WWI soldiers being returned home from the trenches.  Other areas are reputed to be haunted although fortunately we must have scared the ghosts away with our chatter.

We concluded our visit with lunch in the Central Bar before heading back to Cambuslang - by train of course! Many thanks to our two guides Chris and Darren for allowing us a unique access to this grand old Victorian building and also Secretary Nigel Wunsch for his help in organising the tour.