Focus on the Crocus with Ford staff at Warley

Donations from Ford staff from cake and plant sales at Warley have supplied around twenty thousand children under the age of 5 with the life changing Polio vaccines.

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The fundraising began in 2010 after club members planted over a thousand purple crocus bulbs at the front of the Ford building at Warley......


 In February 2011, the President of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) teamed up with the Chairman of Ford in Britain to help stamp out polio.  Ford employees in Warley were given the green light to support the recent 'Thanks for Life' campaign raising over £500 through various activities organised by the Rotary Club of Brentwood Breakfast at their premises.  Amongst other things Members of the Rotary Club sold over 300 fancy purple cup cakes, many decorated with purple and crocuses together with potted flowering crocuses.                                                     

Thanks for Life is a national drive to raise over a million pounds to eradicate the disease.  When Rotary made the pledge in 1985 to bring an end to polio, there were thousands of new cases every year.  Last year, there were barely a thousand. 

Part of Thanks for Life includes Focus on the Crocus where Rotary clubs and the public planted thousands of crocuses up and down the country.  One thousand, five hundred purple crocuses were planted by the Rotary Club in front of Ford's  Warley offices in October 2010. The purple blooms flowered in February, in time for the peak of the fundraiser and represent the colour of dye used to mark a child's little finger once they have been immunised.

Joe Greenwell, Chairman of Ford of Britain, said:  "We decided to be a bit creative here at Ford.  Instead of 'Focus on the Crocus' , we decorated a brand new pre-launch Focus with crocuses!  To think that the money raised by colleagues through the Rotary Club activities will immunise nearly three thousand children is overwhelming and very rewarding at the same time.

I have learnt so much about Rotary over the last few weeks and I am so impressed with the work carried out by the many dedicated Rotarians, not just in Brentwood but across the world."

President Jim Moulson said:  "It is a great joy to see a company like Ford get into the spirit of Thanks for Life.  Rotary has been working with partners for the past 25 years to wipe out this crippling and sometimes fatal virus.  The support of the public and from businesses makes a huge difference.

The Rotary Club of Brentwood Breakfast has accessed an arena, not only to promote the Thanks for Life polio campaign, but also to bring to the attention of  many Ford employees and their contacts, and not least the Chairman of Ford of Britain, what Rotarians do in the community and internationally.  Hopefully, we will welcome a few new members too."

Rotarians enjoy volunteering their time and skills to improve the lives of others whilst having great fun in the process. 

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