Club Meetings/ Rotary 2014-15 The Year ahead.

Our plans for the next Rotary year 2014-15 - President Elect Ray Shead and District Governor Elect Mike Jackson.

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Time rolls by and we are almost at the end of another Rotary year.  President Toni presided over our AGM and this confirmed the following:

Officers for the year 2014-15: Ray Shead President, Eamon Fenlon President Elect, Roger Bougeard President Nominee, Secretary Richard Romeril, Treasurer Richard Robins, Immediate Past President Toni Roberts and Asst Secretary Susan McCabe.

Ordinary Council members: Peter Paturel, Jerry Ramsden, John Reed and Gary Tye.

Graeme Le Quesne Civic Award Committee: Derek Short.

Despite a "revolt" by 6 members, the club decided to maintain fortnightly meetings.

Membership Subscriptions were increased and the investment strategy of our Charitable Funds was approved.

The floor was then passed to President Elect Ray who spoke briefly on his plans for 2014-15. These centred on two major projects, the renovation of the Good Companions Club, developing the Peace Island project and most importantly having fun whilst doing all this.

The meeting then considered the proposed Good Companions Club project in detail with Jerry Ramsden highlighting the need for the work, expected timescales, projected costs and alternative arrangements to ensure the continued operation of GCC whilst work progressed.  The members were also asked to commit to raising substantial funds toward the cost of the project under the leadership of, the then Past President, Toni Roberts.  After answering several questions from members, the proposal was approved unanimously and Jerry together with his team was congratulated on their excellent work.

District Governor elect Mike Jackson was then introduced to the meeting and he succinctly explained his approach to the role and his main aims for the year. 

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