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This page shows a selection of Rotary related videos from all over the world showing the amazing things the 1.2 Million Rotarians do every day. Just click on a title below to see the video.

K.R. Ravindran Addresses the Rotary Convention in São Paulo, Brazil      

Wer'e For Communities                                                                               

What is Rotary?                                                                                           

Why Rotary?                                                                                                

Rotary - Doing Good in the World                                                                

Rotary Thanks You                                                                                      

Rotary Basics                                                                                               
Rotary GB&I Young Citizen Awards 2012                                                                 
Day 2 Speakers at the 2014 Sydney Rotary Convention                            
Cote d'Ivoire: A Case Study in Polio Eradication                                          
RI President 2013-14 Ron Burton's Membership Message                          

A message from Dolly Parton                                                                       

Doing Good - Providing Clean Water                                                            

Doing Good - Fighting Disease                                                                     

Doing Good - Saving Mothers and Children                                                  

Doing Good - Promoting Peace                                                                     

Rotary Minute - How Can Rotary Stay Relevant To It's Younger Members    

Bill Gates talks about eradicating Polio                                                          

Rotary Minute - Is Your Club Family Friendly?                                               

Come Join Us                                                                                                

Come Join Us (Version2 featuring Rotarians)                                                

Rotary and Social Media                                                                                

Bill Gates talks to Rotary about Polio