Fresh Start Borders.

Tue, Sep 2nd 2014 at 12:00 am - 2:00 am

John Mclaren from Fresh Start Borders

Fresh Start Borders is a local charity which helps gives people who may have been homeless or had other difficulties the chance to start a home in their first permanent tenancy.

John McLaren, Committee member with Fresh Start spoke to Gala Rotary Club and explained how they work.

Fresh Start is connected with the Council of Churches but is itself a registered charity and all workers are volunteers. They rely on funding from various sources, including Awards for All, banks and a grant from Scottish Borders Council.

Clients are referred by Housing Associations, NHS, Penumbra and others. They are given starter packs of basic household essentials as they move into their new homes, giving families and individuals a helping hand until they can afford to equip their homes themselves. They expect to give out 400 packs this year, mostly to people in the 16

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