The Dead Sea Scrolls

Former Vicar of Horning, the Rev. Hugh Edgell, gave a very informative presentation about the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Our speaker at our evening meeting on 29th Aril, 2014 Tuesday, 29th April, 2014  was the former Vicar of Horning the Rev. Hugh Edgell who gave a presentation on the Dead Sea Scrolls, which, over many years have been of particular interest to him.   He began his speech by showing us on screen where the Dead Sea was and explained that after his many visits there he probably knew Jerusalem as well as he did Norwich.    His slides revealed how very rugged and dry the area was and he stated that the Dead Sea was extremely salty and not a very nice place to swim but at least it was very buoyant.   The scrolls were discovered by an Arab boy who was tending his animals and who, to relieve his boredom, threw stones into a cave nearby and was surprised when he heard the sound of breaking pots.   When he investigated he found several pots which contained parchment scrolls.   He reported his find and the scrolls were removed the next day and after close scrutiny it was realized that they were very ancient.  An expert was called in to examine them and it was decided to take the scrolls to America for sale.   They were however eventually returned and are now housed in the Palestine Museum in Jerusalem.   Further fragments were found in Jordan and, after piecing them together (a monumental task) it is thought that they contained the whole of the book of the Bible.  Also found were some copper scrolls which, when opened with extreme difficulty, contained an inventory of all the buried treasure.    President John Newman thanked Hugh for his very interesting and informative talk