Community Service

Community Service Plan for 2018-2019

Report and forward plan for the Community Committee for 2018-2019


The committee will seek to continue most of the work that has been done in this past year. The Senior Citizens Christmas party had to be cancelled because of snow, but it is planned to have one this year. Similarly with the Santa grotto which raised £525 in spite of poor weather. This work is appreciated by families and also the local bookshop who provide the grotto, and experience an increase in trade.

The theatre visits to Nantwich Players were well attended and enjoyed.

During the year there were 3 visits to the South Cheshire Orchestra in the local Methodist Church, also a trip to the Macmillan concert in the civic hall. It is planned that all these concerts will be visited again this coming year, as they are greatly appreciated.

The annual barbecue for all members and guests will again take place this summer, as we are kindly invited by Gerald and Deana Emerton to their home in Acton.



Richard Morgan-Wynne and Margaret Stockton