Community Service/ Summerfest 2014

Sun 13th July 2014 at 11.00 am - 5.30 pm

Club Members supported a major event for Billericay, organized by the Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower.

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Sunshine for Summerfest

It wasn’t an auspicious start, to say the least!  But the weather improved and the crowds came and everybody was happy, smiling and having a good time.

Once again the Rotary Club of Billericay Mayflower did the town proud by organizing this annual event.  There were performances in the arena, starting with the Caledonia Pipe Band and the Billericay Rugby Club, and the Billericay Dog Display, and later on, the Dance Steps Display Team.  All this interspersed with bands on the raised stage  to keep people entertained and happy.

There was a major Classic Car Show, and around the arena, stalls selling crafts, food, drinks, and even an on-site pub(!), a kids funfair,  artisan products and displays.

We were there (Pat Rothon, Ed Harrison, Mike Sinclair, Peter Greene, James Ilesley, Mike Ginn and Keith & Gill Wood) with our friends in Basildon Rotary Club to “show the flag” and tell people how great an organization Rotary is.  And alongside us, a ShelterBox display from one of Rotary’s sponsored charities.

It's great to help our friends support the community in this way.

To read the Billericay Gazette report on the event, please click on the image below:

(Reproduced with kind permission of the Brentwood, Billericay and Wickford Gazette and editor).