Message from our new President

John H rides again as President

 John enjoying the practical stuff just before retirement   


My dear friends in Rotary,

Do you find life gets more of a rush even though retired? I do. Is this a feature of advancing years, or is it the pressure of the way we live now, with so much more admin, checklists, security, and other low-quality drudgery to deal with? Actually it’s probably both. I’m not sure the computer/mobile phone age has improved things, but one thing is certain, it would be tricky to live now without them, and my sympathy goes out to those who manage without these technical devices. I am writing this the evening after the new DG’s talk on 10 July 2019 – you would have noticed that I only just made the lunch in time and I suspect Jim Eagling was starting to sweat a little (sorry, Jim). Actually this was because my old Scimitar’s engine cut out whilst racing through Camps Heath. If we try to rush too much there is no slack in the system to allow for problems like this, so I have resolved to try to slow down a bit, and arrive at Rotary and other events a bit less “last minute”.

Now why am I saying this? Well we still have a responsibility to make the optimum use of time that we have. There is a lot going on in our club – we have our weekly meetings of course, with ladies once a month, we have Presidents Nights and Handover Dinners, but Rotary is so much more and above all a service organisation. Our club’s main outside service events are Dictionaries for Life, Crucial Crew, and Mike Marriott Youth Awards. All these can be partaken without undue physical exertion and I urge you to continue to play a part. We enjoy excellent relations with other local clubs and their facilities are open – games evenings, quizzes, the carol concert as well as the triannual joint meetings. It may be that developing  jointness between clubs could be the way of the future for Rotary locally. And as our immediate Past President Brian (whom I thank heartily for his leadership and guidance) extolled, we have a real feel for our club and other halves etc. being a family, and I sense this extending increasingly towards other clubs too. So please make best use of time and play as much a part as you can in Rotary Service events as well as weekly meetings. There is good fellowship to be had and no better seed for camaraderie. For my part, I shall try to make best use of my year in encouraging all of our events to this end (and as any Past President will tell you, a year is only a short time).

Enjoy your Rotary !

John Hunt