Cass Walker - course end at Harvard

Cass Walker's final report following her Masters course at Harvard

Ed.M. International Education Policy at Harvard Graduate School of Education

Reflecting back on my 9 months at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, it is hard to summarize my experience in a few pages. In an attempt to describe my experiences, I have divided this report into sections of some of my most poignant experiences. It is impossible to put into words how life changing the experience at Harvard has been. From the people I have met, to the Professors I have studied under, to my peers and colleagues, it truly has been life-changing. To be in a place where there are no boundaries, every thought or idea you have is taken seriously and with sincerity, and where people really believe you will change the world is inspiring, overwhelming and incredible.

Courses Taken

Below are the courses I have taken over the course of the year. The courses varied in class size, from 15 to 100, teaching style, and assignments. I was lucky enough to cross-register and take two courses at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, which enabled me to be in classes with an extremely diverse group of students from all over the world with a variety of backgrounds, including political leaders from Lebanon, non-profit leaders from various countries, and people who I have no doubt will be future presidents.

First Semester:

            Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Learning;

International Comparative Education Policy

Strategic Management of Non-Profits (Harvard Kennedy School)

Micro-Economics for Educators

Questionnaire Design

Second Semester:

            Adolescence in the Global Context

            Education in Armed Conflict

            Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

            Immigration Education Policy

            Program and Policy Evaluation (Harvard Kennedy School)

Latin America Conference at Harvard Kennedy School

I was the Education Panel Coordinator for the first ever Latin America Conference to happen at Harvard Kennedy School. This involved a commitment from November to April, during which I worked with a group of 15 students. As the only non-Latina (and most definitely the only Brit), this was a challenge for my Spanish

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