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Subject: Re: Shipping Documents Dear Bob, Thanks so much for the great news. I will call NCS so they can move on it as soon as the papers arrive. It is such a big help, will get you some pictures of the patients we havenow as well as when we unpack the crates. We are well, I am not sure I told you that last year we started a Prosthetic and OrthoticTraining College that is a three year diploma program.There is no place in Ghana to receive training in this field and the Ministry of Health asked us to start. Our first class completed the first year and now we will take 20 to start the program in September. We had 64 come for the interview. On Aug. 12 we will sign a MOUI with KNUST University in Kumasi. It is a big step but the only way to assure that in the future thephysically challenged will have qualified people to help them. My challenge now is to find money for the things the school needs. We had a very unfortunate situation last year. The Embassy of Japan granted us $125,000 to buy new machines for our workshop (our machines are all over 50 years old) and we would give the College our machines for their workshop. I had worked with the Embassy for a year on this and we were overwhelmed when we got word the grant was given. They had us open a $ account so the money could be sent to Holland where the machines were being ordered. Allwas well until three months after the transfer and our agent in Holland kept telling us the money had not arrived in his account. I got suspicious and called the Embassy, they told me to bring my computer in to them. It was found that someone had hacked into my computer and sent a new invoice which looked exactly like the other one but they changed the banking information. We lost the whole grant. I have been working with the CID and Interpol here but to no avail. I even wrote the CEO of Barclays Bank London as the money was rerouted to England but he told me that yes an account had been opened, the money arrived and the account was closed. Because they did not know at the time it was a fraudulent account they cannot do anything about it. So I have been spending my time trying to write grants or find individuals to help so that we can purchase the machines we need and at the same time it would help the college get what it needs. Say a prayer that I get some positive responses. Again thanks to your club for the support we have received. I will let you know when thecrates arrive. Sister Elizabeth

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