Music to the Oars

Tranquil boat trip

Not the sound of orchestral music, but the gentle calming tones of a narrow boat moving slowly through the water. Fortunately for the Shepshed Charnwood Rotary Club oars were nowhere to be seen. Its members recently spent an evening aboard one of the three Peter Le Marchant Trust boats aptly called 'Symphony'. All of the boats are designed and equipped to take disabled or seriously ill people on day trips.

 The Trust's CEO, Richard Teare, explained that the therapeutic effects of a boat trip are very beneficial to all groups.  After a short time the members were in full agreement as the pleasure of sitting and allowing someone else to change the scenery was indeed very calming. 

 The work carried out by the Trust, started by the Rev. Clare Le Marchant in 1976, has grown over the years and it has become a well known and respected organisation used by many local schools and stroke clubs to name just a few.

The effort that is required to man and maintain these boats to the highest standards is enormous. The club was impressed by the professionalism of the crew who were all volunteers with exception of the skipper, Chris Morton, who is part of the full time staff along with Lynn Smith and Richard.

We all agreed that the evening trip, and the talk that followed, opened our eyes to the valuable work that this Loughborough-based Trust does for the local community.