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Supporting the Community 2014 - II

Fri 12th September 2014 at 18.00 - 18.30

Bonus distribution for the Fun Walk - this year an extra 60%.

What a Bonus!

In May we reported our support for the Chernobyl Children's' Lifeline with a donation to their cause, and subsequently supported their participation in the Billericay Fun Walk.

One of the unique benefits of participation is that John Baron, our local MP,  has organised a bonus pool funded by local businesses which is distributed amongst all who were sponsored for the walk, in proportion to the sponsorship money each had raised.

On Friday September 12, 2014, John hosted a short reception at Anisha Grange open to all the participants, all the sponsoring companies and the organisers and marshals for the Walk, at which the bonus cheques were distributed.

In total, 110 charities had taken part in the walk and each received an additional bonus donation equal to 60% of the money they had raised themselves. What a bonus!

Congratulations to the participants, to all the businesses who funded the bonus, and to our MP and his team for initiating and driving this great success.