Club Meetings/ 2014-09-10 St John Ambulance in Jersey - Peter Walsh

A talk from Peter Walsh on St John Ambulance in Jersey

Peter Walsh St John Ambulance
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Peter Walsh spoke about his role as Chief Executive of St John Ambulance, Jersey.

He showed a DVD, recently produced, which shows something of the activities the  charity is involved in such as first aid training for companies and schoolchildren, back up  to the States Ambulance service, installing defibrillators, and providing first aid cover at a  great number of public events in Jersey such as the Battle of Flowers, car and motorcycle  events, the horse racing etc.

Club members were given a leaflet which describes St John Ambulance Jersey activities  and which calls for Islanders to get involved - to volunteer, to sponsor, to donate. There  are, for example, a number of youth projects which need funding and help to keep them  going.

President Ray thanked Peter for his talk and presented him with a cheque for St John of