Beausoleil Home Hosting 2014

Fri, Sep 19th 2014 at 7:30 pm - 11:59 pm

A major feature of the twinning visits between our clubs is the hosting of visiting club members and their wives by individual Beausoleil Club members at their homes.

Home Hosting - Beausoleil Bonus

Debbie & James Ilesley; Liz & Mike Sinclair (reporter)
Liz and I, and James and Deborah, were hosted by Philippe and Pascale Medeau. Philippe only joined the Beausoleil Club in the last year on his return from working in Asia for some years.

His wife Pascale is head of a middle school for the children of migrant workers in Monaco. The school is just outside Monaco and she is provided with a flat at the school overlooking the Marina - a lovely venue for our evening.  A splendid home-cooked meal, copious fine wines and liqueurs, and interesting conversation with our hosts (both spoke perfect English), ensured we had a very enjoyable time.

After dinner, Philippe entertained us on his guitar and we all sang and, in some cases, danced to his playing. James amused us with his jokes during the evening, the most memorable of which was his musical request for Philippe to play “Far, far away”. Whilst this was not lost in translation, our host obviously did not know it and carried on regardless.

A great evening ended and we were chauffeured back to our hotel by about midnight. The honesty of their hospitality makes us keen to repay it on any future return visit.

Wendy & Peter Greene (reporter)
There was no sign of Marie Francoise Brivet when we met with our dinner companions, Ruth and Paul Smith (Basildon) and Georges Mas (Beausoleil), nor any answer on her mobile!  Georges took Ruth and Paul to the restaurant ‘Le Petit Prince’ in Menton, (his car was too small for us all), while we waited, ... and we waited, and .... only we were left.  And we waited some more, and then some more. Just as we were thinking all was lost, Georges returned to collect us.

At the restaurant, Marie Francoise was there.  She had been in a meeting and, running late, had rushed to her car, leaving her handbag behind. Going back, the room was locked.  No phone, no sign of the caretaker, nobody to tell her problem, she eventually contacted a colleague (Christian Stanek) who rang the cleaner, who returned to the school, let her into the room to retrieve her bag, and eventually, to get to the restaurant.  Poor Marie Francoise!

But, “N’importe”, our concerns were soon forgotten, the restaurant was superb - aperitifs (two bottles of champagne) in the open air, then we retired inside for the meal with more champagne and wine.  Delicious food, great champagne and wine, sparkling conversation, laughter, and great company (Marie Francoise, Georges, Louis Sclavo and Christian).

We couldn’t have had a better evening.

Margaret & Ed Harrison (reporter); Carol & Pat Rothon
We were collected from the hotel by Jean-Louis who has been Club President on three occasions and is the father-in-law of IPP Bertrand. After a pre-prandial drink in Menton, we drove to Gorbio, a small hilltop village in a valley above Menton and Roquebrune.  Gorbio has oscillated between Italy and France since the 12th century, and between Provence, Savoy and finally France (in 1860 votes were only 59-26 in favour of France).

The two families live next door to each other and Veronique’s sister lives nearby.

We were warmly welcomed by Bertrand, Veronique and her mother Monique, and enjoyed an apertif in the garden before going inside for a sumptuous meal (see menu). Veronique had come here as a child on Rotary trips with her parents, and all had fond memories of their times in England. Monique updated us on the work in Ladakh supporting orphans in a monastery. Jean-Louis and herself visit regularly and I recall that, following our last visit to Beausoleil, our Club made a financial contribution to assist the project.

Jean, who accompanied his parents here last year, did not join us at the table but kissed us all before going to bed.

As we left, each of us was presented with a miniature bottle of  Limoncello de Menton.

Gillian & Keith Wood (reporter)
At the Petanque evening, Gillian and I were approached by “Marie Do”, that fascinating lady who appeared everywhere last year on the visit to us .... and did the same this year. She is so committed - their photographer, their Secretary, and probably their first lady President next year. She asked us to join her for Home Hosting and she would send a “gentleman” to pick us up at the hotel.  Graham and Ragnhild (Mike Barrett’s brother and his wife) from Basildon Club completed the group as we eagerly awaited her driver the following evening.

Arriving before 7.30 pm, (ever prompt) Phillipe introduced me to “Eric” in whose car we soon sped through the Corniches in silence - Eric didn’t speak English and our speed wouldn’t allow me to interrupt his concentration with my “Frenglish”. His car literally stuck to the winding roads, abruptly turning right then upwards into the mountains, coming to an abrupt stop on the country road, at which stage he speedily engaged reverse gear and just as swiftly reversed up a mountain track to arrive where the car was to be parked. We hastily got out and followed him to a lovely country home overlooking the bay of Monte Carlo.

“Marie Do” was nowhere to be seen, but we were lovingly introduced to Dominique, a diminutive younger lady who was the Rotarian who had so capably run the bar the previous evening. “Marie Do” joined us shortly afterwards carrying a beautiful plant, as a gift. Only then was it apparent to us that Dominique was the host, and "Marie Do" was also a guest!

We were “lovingly entertained” the whole of the evening, sharing speciality dishes that Dominique had prepared herself, including a delicious Italian main dish, “Vitello Tonnato”, the thinnest slices of veal covered with a sauce of tuna, anchovies and mayonnaise.

My lasting memory will be our complete misunderstanding of who was hosting whom, but mainly, the absolute love and attention that Dominique put into the evening.

Gillian and I are in contact with Dominique and I can’t wait to return the compliment!

Sue and Malcolm Acors (reporter)
During our visit to Beausoleil, we had the pleasure to be entertained by Roselyne and Philippe Tricetti at their wonderful home overlooking the ‘Baie de Roquebrune’.
  We arrived just as it was starting to get dark and as we stood on their balcony admiring the view, it was possible to see the bright lights of Monaco in the distance.

The evening was warm and dry which made it possible to eat 'al fresco'.   Fifteen guests assembled around a large table under the arbour in the grounds of their house and enjoyed canap

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