50 Years of Service in Brynmawr

mural picture

50 Years of Service in any community is something to be proud of, but Brynmawr Rotary have enjoyed the magical years which ead to their Golden Service anniversary. 

Its easy to be busy and to enjoy doing something when the community support you as they do in Brynmawr. Revamping what the public are calling Rotary Square at the top of Town is one of those examples where through back breaking! clean ups and community involvement we achieved so much and now have an area which is nice to stop and chat at or to know you can walk through without fear of tripping on the pathing stones.              

More examples annually of the generosity is evident by the donations received which enable us to provide opportunities and to help those in need. Or to give each year 6 leaver a dictionary, provide clean water and to have our environment feel as if we care.  

Thanks to all who have been supporters since 1968 and if you would like to know more about what we do make contact so we can each do our bit to make our community one that we continue to be proud of

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