District Conference 2014

A report from the President aided by Alan and Peter on the District Conference held in Ipswich on October 18th.

Dear Fellow Priory Rotarians

Following the live update on the conference, I include below a resume of the day's proceedings ( with apologies from the webmaster that this has not been posted sooner).  This is not a verbatim report but more recollected highlights from Peter Alan and me.  

Foodbanks and the Trussell Trust UK Foodgbank Network

There are Trussell Trust and independent foodbanks throughout the UK helping just fewer than 1 million people last year.  The network provides training and support , advice with regard to operating strategies, websites, stock control as well as looking at outcomes aggnd effectiveness.  The R/C of Wymondham work very closely with the Trussell Trust in Norwich providing meals on a twice weekly basis as well as filling the gap for children during school holidays.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • The Regional Manager for Ridgeons spoke about CSR.
  • Most companies have a CSR budget
  • RYLA is an ideal opportunity for companies to develop their junior staff
  • Ridgeons have produced a 10% discount card for Rotarians, plus 2% of every sale will go to District
  • Alan has the cards and will distribute them to members at the next meeting.  I spoke to Ridgeons about funding the naterials for the technology tournament.

Prostate Cancer Girls 

  • Gave a very entertaining and graphic talk on prostate and testicular cancer.
  • All 3 ladies' husbands had prostate cancer.
  • 1 in 4 male cancers are prostate cancer.
  • Message is to have regular checks.
  • District Prostate Cancer Bicycle Ride is on Father's day 21 June 2015.

Smoke Alarm Project

  • 275 deaths last year of which 1/3 were in homes without smoke alarms.
  • Vulnerable people are particularly at risk.  The older you are the more likely you are to die in a house fire but disabled and single parent families are also very susceptible.
  • Fire and Rescue Service initiatie to fit smoke alarms in houses
  • Funding no longer available which meant a 10% redction in home fire safety checks nationally but locally that figure is even higher.
  • support sought from Rotarians to:fund smoke alarms (