What We Do

Wed 3rd December 2014 - Mon 4th January 2016

What We Do

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Formby Squirrels Rotary Club.

The pleasure of being a member of any Rotary Club with its offerings in friendship, fun, involvement in community activities and fund raising both locally and on the international stage goes without saying . The relatively newly formed Formby Squirrels Rotary Club is of no exception to these criteria and adds a new dimension and value in its goal to attract new members of all ages, male and female who have the tenacity to balance a family life, work or retirement and yet support this wonderful organisation.We meet twice a month in Formby at 8.pm on a Thursday evenings.  The second Thursday in the month is a Business Meeting and the fourth Thursday is a social meeting.

Why not aspire join us and to become a  member and if interested contact the Chairperson :Ros Gelder -Telephone  01704 876456 or our Secretary :Helen Blackwell- Telephone 01704 834214. Currently we are meeting at the Grapes in Formby.