Raising money for Women's Refuge

Charity fundraising.

We are currently raising money for a number of different important charities. Our main focus last year was:

St Alban's and Hertsmere Women's Refuge

"St Albans and Hertsmere Women's Refuge aims to provide a safe comfortable, conflict free environment for women and women with children who are suffering domestic abuse. We will give advice and support on available options so as to enable a woman to make informed choices, feel more confident and take control of her and her children's lives and future."

We raised £20,000 to provide brand new playground equipment. We feel this will make a big difference to both the women's and their children's lives.

If you would like to donate anything please click the link below.

The Priory Trust, the common name for the Rotary Club of St Albans Priory Charitable Trust Fund, is a registered charity, number 1031277. It receives and pays out monies which are raised for charity. They are never confused with members' own funds.

All funds handled by the Club and by its charitable trust fund are subject to Independent Examination

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Charity Money

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