WW1 Commemorative Tree's

Ian Coulter & Joe Selmes

The picture shows president Ian Coulter presenting to the Principal Joe  Selmes, the first sapling to be planted.
The Rotary Club of Dunstable, and in particular the Thursday evening members, in association with the Woodland Trust, have been busy distributing 100 young sapling trees to schools around the area, as part of the commemorative centenary celebrations of the start of World War1. The trees are given free of charge by the Woodland Trust who have over 3000 packs to give away to schools, youth groups and communities, for spring 2015. Over the next four years, the Trust is offering over three million trees. One of the schools to receive these saplings is Weatherfield Academy who received 10 trees to plant. Members of the Rotary club planted the saplings in a woodland area of the school. The picture shows President Ian presenting to the Principal Mr Joe Selmes, the first sapling to be planted.