Donations we have made: July 2013 to June 2016

This is a list of all the donations we have made each Rotary Year

Donations for the year ending June 2016

Dysynni First Responders                     £   100.00
Neuadd Dyfi (essential building repairs)     £ 2,000.00                                 £
First Responders                             £   100.00
Tywyn Scouts                                 £   500.00
Meirion Raynet (local walkie-talkie)         £   250.00
Outward Bound (3 places)                     £ 3,000.00
Junior Chef Competition (food)               £    80.00 
Catherine Havard (Arctic Trek)               £   100.00
Junior Chef Competition (Prizes)             £   100.00
Tywyn Churches Together (RBL) £ 50.00
Training For Life (Sammy's Stories) £ 100.00
RNLI Aberdyfi £ 100.00
Wales Air Ambulance £ 100.00
CrimeBeat North Wales £ 250.00 Training For Life (Sammy's Stories) £ 150.00
Ty Gobaith £ 100.00
Baptist Church for Stroke Awareness £ 100.00
End Polio Now £ 500.00
Vision Aid £ 300.00
Llys Cadfan, furnish new conservatory        £  1500.00
Contact the Elderly, Trip to Talyllyn        £   200.00
Literacy in a Box, African schools           £   975.00
Send a Cow (improve milk flow in cattle)     £   320.00
Love Tywyn, Summer Extravaganza on Prom      £   500.00
Training For Life (Sammy's Stories)          £  1500.00

Errors and Omissions Excepted

Total donations:

Donations for year ending June 2015

Riding for Disabled                1000                                     Aberdovey Youth Club            400

Tywyn Youth Club                  400                                       Rotary Foundation              1050

Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin       250                                       Polio Plus                              250

Shelter Box                            250                                        Medicine San Frontier            500    

Vanuatu Rotary Appeal         500                                        Tywyn Primary School              217

Royal British Legion              200                                         Motor Neorone Disease       1000

St Cadfan's Church               100                                         The Macular Society              100

Bryncrug Council                   300                                         Tywyn Community Fisheries    500

Meibion Bro Dysynni             250                                          Outward Bound (Tywyn School) 2308

Chef of the Year                    218                                          Contact the Elderly                  200

Hope House                          200                                           Ysgol Craig y Deryn                660

Fire Service                           100                                           Regard Spinal Injury                 50

Tywyn Baptist Church          1000                                           Aberdyfi Search & Rescue    1200

Shelter Box (Nepal)              6000                                           Llys Cadfan Residential Home 500

Total Donations 19703

Donations for year ending June 2014

Shelter Boxes                    4200                                                             Tywyn Primary        251   

Tywyn School                       770                                                            Alziemers Society    250

Rotary Foundation               1000                                                           Walk the Walk          250

Outward Bound Wales        1149                                                            Spinal Injuries          200

Neuadd Dyfi Aberdyfi          2637                                                            Individuals                500  

Polio Plus                            200                                                              Jump Children          100

Cancer Research                500                                                              Raynet                      250  

National Search &                500                                                             Old Peoples Forum   100

Rescue Dogs

British Legion                        100                                                             Tywyn Cricket Club   500

Tywyn Baptist Church          100                                                              Margaret Barnard      410

Aberdovey Mountain             500                                                             Tywyn Silver band      300

Search & Rescue


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This is a list of all the donations we have made each Rotary Year

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