Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on memebership


Can women join Rotary?

Yes, Rotary is a non-gender specific organisation meaning that women can join Rotary and have equal status to men.

What are the age limits for joining Rotary?

Anyone over 18  years old can join Rotary and become and a full Rotarian.

What do we do?

  • Fundraise for different charitable causes
  • Plan social and community events
  • Promote international awareness.
  • Discuss and socialise issues
  • Support and give aid to international causes.

How often do we meet?

We meet every week with a few exceptions for example we don't meet over the two weeks between Christmas and New Year.

Do I have to attend each meeting?

No, you can attend as many meetings as you feel able.

How much time will I need to commit?

Depends upon which event you could get or feel able to do for example you might not be able to attend every Santa session.

Can me and my partner join?

Yes, Partners are welcomed to become full Rotarians and we have some couples in Rotary. Both you and your partner can join if you wish.

Is it a secret society?

No, we are not a secret society, there is no secret handshakes and anyone can attend our meetings. We are a Service organisations, the oldest in the world who are dedicated to aims of Rotary.

Can my children be involved?

Yes, if you child are 18 and over, they can join  Rotary but if they are under 18 don't worry we have the Interact club for 12-18 years old which is a similar organisation and they can always volunteer to help us such at Santa's Grotto, Festival of Transport etc.  

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