Details of any youth project or club involvement

Aberaeron Rotary Club wants to provide opportunities and any assistance that is possible to the youth of area to gain from life experiences. To this end the Club wants to engender a sense of service and self help to any of those that may benefit from this policy.

The Club, for some years, has been assisting with funds so that two young persons can visit Auschwitz.

Another young person is also selected to attend Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) were they are challenged on physical and mental projects. This is to build team and leadership skills.

Report 15/03/2018


"Our" Welsh power point has been shown in schools throughout our District. Thanks to Aneurin, Samir, Michelle and Mared. There is interest in Aberaeron School.

Auschwitz Visit

Both students had a thoroughly interesting and eye opening time. They are willing to come to speak to us after Easter.

Report 11/01/2018

Rotary Young Chef: - We have a representative to take part in the competition on 26th of January, 2018, in Llandeilo. We may need a volunteer to go down for the start of the competition please. It will start at 1.00pm.

Rotary Youth Speaks English: - We have a team. Dates etc to be decided.

Rotary Young Musician: - We have one singer and possibly 2 musicians. The competition is on 23rd January, 2018 in Penglais School at 6.00pm.

Auschwitz: - There are now only 3 possible candidates. Letters being sent to school.

Rotary Youth Leadership Award: - A big thank you to Michelle and Mared and the acting head of IT. It has been possible to provide a Welsh version of the RYLA power point presentation. This is being sent to schools in our district. Thanks also to Aneurin for doing the proof reading.