Club Meetings/ 2015-02-11 Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre

Heidi Rehman updated us on the progress being made to open the new Wessex Haven Centre in the autumn of 2015

Heidi Rehman talking passionately about Havne Centres
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Heidi Rehman spoke to us about the new Haven Breast Cancer Support Centre being completed at Titchfield, Hampshire. It will be the fourth in the UK and is scheduled to open this autumn.  The centre will provide help and support in the form of therapies to any person, male or female, who has suffered or is suffering from breast cancer. They only help breast cancer patients.  Currently 1 in 8 women can expect to be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.  This is expected to increase to 1 in 7 shortly.  At any point in time 3000 people in the UK are being treated for breast cancer and 1 in 100 of these will be male.

The organisation was founded in 2007 by Sarah Davenport in London.  Sarah was told at 4.00pm on a Friday afternoon that she had breast cancer requiring urgent surgery the next week.  She then found that there were no support services available at all, just at the time when she was very vulnerable and needed help and support.  After she had recovered, Sarah sold her Art Gallery and used the proceeds to purchase a disused church in Fulham London, and the Haven was formed.  Her art gallery was fortunate to have customers such as Simon Cowell and Raymond Blanc who together with others were very generous.

The new centre in Wessex will cost