Wadebridge Rotary Club sets up and supports the first Rotary Memory Cafe

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How Rotary Clubs are supporting people living with Dementia across District 1290 

Over the past few years District 1290 has become a beacon for how Rotary Clubs and Rotarians can really make a difference supporting families living with dementia. 

In 2008 Wadebridge Rotary Club was the first Rotary club in Rotary GB&I to set up a Memory Cafe thanks to the hard work and dedication of  Rotarian Tim Jones and the Club went on to win the Rotary GB&I magic of Rotary Award.   Since then the club has been involved in setting up a Wadebridge Dementia Action Alliance http://www.dementiaaction.org.uk/local_alliances/2498_wadebridge_dementia_action_alliance as part of a campaign to make the town Dementia Friendly.  This follows on from the Prime Ministers Dementia Challenge launched in 2012.

The Clubs latest initiative is helping to provide Memory Friendly Worship at a monthly Memory Friendly Service and they will also be involved in a faith community organised  Dementia Action Day, 20th June, at Truro Cathedral.

Tavistock Rotary Club has been supporting its local Memory Caf since its inception 8 years ago.  Thanks to the work of Rotarians Tony Parker and Catherine Bailey the town now has a very active Dementia Action Alliance with Angela Rippon as its honorary patron.  http://www.dementiaaction.org.uk/local_alliances/1636_tavistock_dementia_action_alliance.

As formally trained dementia champions Tony and Catherine have been offering special dementia friends training to local businesses, community hospital and clubs throughout the town in a bid to make Tavistock dementia friendly.  Tavistock Rotary Club is the first dementia friendly club in Rotary GB&I.  Tony Parker is now co chair of the Devon Dementia Partnership and as REPoDs Dementia Friendly Communities Ambassador has been guiding other Clubs across Rotary GB&I in how to initiate dementia action alliances. 

Rotarian Bob Bridges from Falmouth Rotary Club set up a Memory Caf in the town five years ago and with his wife Toops he is now spearheading the Falmouth Dementia Action Alliance which is dedicated to making Falmouth a Dementia Friendly Community.  You can find more information on this project at this website. http://www.dementiaaction.org.uk/local_alliances/1410_falmouth_dementia_action_alliance.

Penwith Dementia Action Alliance was set up last year and is being chaired by Vic Wallis  from St Ives Rotary Club and Memory Caf with Prue Willday from  Penzance Rotary Club on the steering group http://www.dementiaaction.org.uk/local_alliances/5331_penwith_dementia_action_alliance

Memory Cafes are also going from strength to strength across the district. 

Bodmin Rotary Club has supported the Memory Caf in their town for several years. 

Callington Rotary Club set up their Memory Caf up in 2012 and are now looking at helping the town become Dementia Friendly via a Dementia Action Alliance. 

Helston Rotary Club has been supporting a Memory Caf in the town since 2010.

Lostwithiel Rotary Club helped set up and support the towns Memory Caf which has been running since 2010. 

Mounts Bay and Penzance Rotary Clubs joined forces to set up a run a Memory Caf in 2009 which has gone from strength to strength. 

Newquay Memory Caf was set up  by the Rotary Club of Newquay and Newquay Inner Wheel in 2010 

Perranporth Memory Caf has been supported by Perranzabuloe Rotary for several years.

Plymouth Rotary Club has been running a Memory Caf in Devonport since April 2014. 

Roborough Rotary Club set up their Woolwell Memory Caf in November 2014.

St Austell Rotary Club has been supporting a Memory Caf in the town for several years .

Yelverton Rotary Club set up a Memory Caf in 2012. 

Other Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs across the District have also been supporting local dementia initiatives either as volunteers or through financial donations.

Over the past few years clubs have donated thousands of pounds to the Cornwall branch of Dementia UK to help fund Admiral Nurses in the region 

This is just a snapshot of some of the incredible work being done by our fellow Rotarians.  If I have missed anyone out or got anything wrong then please drop me an email and do keep REPoD up to date with all your news and photos. 

Thank you for all you do

Geri Parlby  Chairman  REPoD