South West Deer Rescue Visit - 30th July 2015

Thu 30th July 2015 at 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm

Guided Tour - Please arrive in good time to set off on Tour at 18:30

Club members please log in for more information.

The visit is all booked...please arrive in good time for the ‘tour’ to set off at 18:30.

The centre is spread over 110 acres so, get your walking legs on.

Please bring rich tea or digestive biscuits (or carrots) if you want to feed the deer.

Lots of people bring their cameras to capture not only the deer but the views as well.

Cost wise, people usually donate £5 to the centre.

A group of between 12 and 20 is the usual, a few more would not be a problem.

If we get up towards 30 I propose we have two groups and a staggered start.

The address is:

South West Deer Rescue & Study Centre,  Mahe Farm,  Dunsham Lane,  Clapton,  TA18 8QN.


Afterwards Fiona has kindly offered her garden for a BBQ, please bring your own food.

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