Dinner - Club Assembly Planning & Business meeting

Tue 19th May 2015 at 19.00 - 21.00

Monthly Business Meeting and Planning the Club Assembly

At the meeting chaired by President Roger Pursey, Rotarian Karl White brought greetings from the Mansfield club, and the monthly draw was won by Mrs Nora Powell and Rotn Jean Moulson.   

President Elect Paul Riley reported that two Kirkby lads had had a great time on an adventure-type weekend near Buxton as part of the Rotary Young Leadership Awards programme;  the club sponsored them for this and they would be coming some time in the future to tell us about their experiences. 

 Rotn Neil Lancashire came up with several announcements and reminders: we'll be taking part in the Morven Park Fete during the summer, the winners of the Young Photographer competition had been chosen and the awards would be presented at Greenwood School within the next couple of weeks; also a reminder of Midsummer Music, the fundraising concert  of choral and brass music on June 20th. 

Rotn Jackie Hopgood said she was applying to ADC for the club to have stall at the opening ceremony event for the Kirkby town centre plaza; and Rotn Ron Walker reported on the the previous day's Aquabox demonstration to the pupils at Kingsway Primary School.

 The rest of the meeting was taken up by planning for the Club Assembly on June 9th, when our plans for the new Rotary year beginning on July 1st would be set out for a District representative.  The areas covered tonight were broadly concerned with which good causes the club should support, including local, national and international charities; the community projects that could be organised, with special emphasis on young people; and the club's marketing and communications programme. 

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